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A big change of direction!
The Strata has been so good for Track this year; anyone needing a big hooking ball that drilled one loved it.  We heard a lot about how continuous the Strata was even though it tractions so much in the oil.  Now we have created the Strata Hybrid to compliment the original Strata and the Proof line.  The higher intermediate numbers and the shiny hybrid shell produce a big change of direction when it exits the pattern.  Track Fans will be ecstatic to add this big core, polished hybrid to their arsenal.

Durability Optimization Technology
The Strata Hybrid uses patent-pending Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) which represents a revolutionary change in the way bowling balls are manufactured. Developed by Brunswick engineers with one goal in mind – to significantly reduce cracking in performance bowling balls.

Click HERE to learn more about Durability Optimization Technology

DynamiCore TechnologyThe Strata Hybrid uses DynamiCore – the industry leading innovation in outer core technology developed by Brunswick Bowling Products. This leap in bowling ball technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.


Color  Sapphire/Black/Smoke
Reaction  Good Length with Strong Backend, Medium to Heavy Oil
Coverstock  QR-11 Hybrid
Factory Finish  500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish
Core  Strata
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff Int Diff
 16  2.488  0.044  0.017
 15  2.475  0.050  0.017
 14  2.492  0.050  0.017
 13  2.597  0.041  0.017
 12  2.593  0.041  0.017