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At Storm, our research and development experts have one goal in mind: create new and exciting coverstock and core combinations. The ambition is to give you aesthetic satisfaction and potent ball motion essential to prevail above the competition. Yes, our unique contributions have moved the entire bowling industry forward, but Storm has and will always put the bowlers first. Giving back relentless innovation that’s found within the Parallax is sure to turn heads on the rack and on the lanes!


We are an innovation company who just so happens to specialize in making the world’s best bowling balls. We take what we create and turn them into impassioned, rallying experiences. But that’s only a small piece of our DNA. There’s something special in the Parallax’s DNA, too.

TractionX7 coverstock is making its debut on the Parallax. We stepped back and took the best features of our seven most popular coverstocks: Reactor™, R2S™, TX-16™, NRG™, SPEC™, GI-20™, and NeX™. What’s realized has more texture, more porosity, and more motility that combines the benefits of seven of the most iconic coverstocks to ever leave the Storm workshop. TractionX7 headlines the durability of TX-16, the backend of R2S, and the slower oil absorption rates of SPEC. Simply put, there’s versatility encased in TractionX7’s genome that stays put for as long as it stays in your bag.

The Aeroflo Core builds on the classical Storm credence of elegance and simplicity. The ellipsed hole filled with lighter core material constructs a higher RG than what is typically found in most asymmetric balls. The flip block coupled at the bottom ensures high total differential, but without the crucial cuts on the Y-axis, the intermediate differential would be just 0.007! The strategically positioned depressions on the Z-axis 6 3/4” from the pin mimic the effect of an extra hole in a similar space and keeps the intermediate differential at a more workable amount. Having a precise ratio of intermediate to total differential makes drilling less sensitive for drillers and provides a truer roll for bowlers.

Meticulously crafted performance. We’ve spent the last three decades obsessing over it. That’s what makes us “The Bowler’s Company™”.


Color  Marine/Steel/Black
Reaction  6+" Flare Potential, Heavy Oil
Coverstock  TractionX7 Hybrid Reactive
Factory Finish  1500 Grit Polished
Core  Aeroflo Core
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff Int Diff
 16  2.50  0.052  0.020
 15  2.52  0.054  0.019
 14  2.55  0.051  0.017
 13  2.57  0.032  0.010
 12  2.59  0.029  0.008