Best Bowling



Inside you will find the now famous Hustle™ Core which measures in at more of a medium rg number. Not too high and not too low, it measures in just right. While the core differential measures in at a lower value for more control down lane.

Wrapped with the proven VTC-H18™ Hybrid Reactive coverstock, you will notice that even though this ball comes out of box factory shined, it will still provide plenty of traction and down lane reaction.

Ideal for those Lighter to Medium Oil conditions due to the dynamic combination of core and hybrid cover at a cost friendly price. Compared to the rest of the line, this ball will be a little longer than the Hustle INK, but not as long as the Hustle 3TP or Hustle Au. 


Color  Silver Pearl/Black Solid
Reaction  Light - Medium Oil
Coverstock  VTC-H18 Hybrid Reactive
Factory Finish  1500 grit polished
Core  Hustle Core
Weight  10-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.53  0.030
 15  2.53  0.030
 14  2.55  0.030
 13  2.63  0.009
 12  2.65  0.011
 11  2.73  0.012
 10  2.77  0.015